How to regain your confidence

When the pandemic hit Pasha and I lived in Austin. By the time things in Texas started opening up again, we had moved to Northern California (where things wouldn’t open up for quite a while longer). On top of that, Pasha’s mom got a breast cancer diagnosis during the pandemic. Her diagnosis, coupled with the state […]

How to solve any problem

Problems. We’ve all got them. And many of us lack a structured approach to solving them effectively. Today, I’d like to present a problem-solving framework for your consideration—a discovery I made while creating The Master’s Course for Break & Untangle. In my book, I explored three major Mindsets: Self Mindsets (related to “me/I”), Strategy Mindsets (related to “it”), and Social Mindsets (related to “us/we”). […]

Relationships and Power Dynamics

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about power – the power dynamics between people – and how power shapes all our relationships (platonic, romantic, professional, etc.). A clearly defined power structure makes a relationship easier – we know where the lines are drawn. But it also makes for a much less interesting relationship. The […]

Supremely Awful

On June 30, 2023 the Supreme Court ruled to allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT+ individuals. There’s no doubt that this has stirred up a myriad of emotions. I wanted to address these feelings and share some thoughts and ideas about how we can respond as both a community and as individuals. First and […]

Epidemic of Loneliness

We’re living in what has been called, “The Age of Loneliness.” Here are my ideas to begin to address this critical issue.


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