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Discover how to create transformational outcomes and fulfill your mission to change lives

- without an advanced degree or decades of therapy.

Helping other people create the change and transformation they want to see in their lives (and your own) doesn’t happen by accident. There is a model – a framework. In the Leadership Development Workshop, I will teach you that framework.


June 16, 2022
12:00 pm PT – 2:00 pm PT

are you ready to step into your leadership?

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During the Leadership Development Workshop, I will walk you through:

  • The 3 key access points from which we can create change
  • 12 Mindset Methods – and my proprietary framework…
  • The Method for Transformational Awareness (what some people call, “the model of models”)

The workshop is a presentation + Q&A. Here’s a taste of the content that can expect me to deliver for the presentation portion:

The 3 S's

life’s plan – the habits, routines, and strategic approach one takes to navigate their world

developing awareness of the influence a person’s history has on how they are showing up in the world in the here and now

relationships / communication: connect & relate to other people in new and meaningful ways

The 12 Mindset Methods

The Method for Transformational Awareness

The process of helping others requires that we meet them where they are. How are they experiencing their reality? The 3 S’s will give you a framework for helping people navigate toward the outcomes they want. This simple tool will help you see how the person you are helping is experiencing their reality. 

What do you want? It’s probably one of life’s most difficult and important questions. During the workshop we will explore desire, and it’s evil (but perhaps informative) twin sister – resistance. We’ll examine why we stop ourselves from doing what we say we want.

Just like the heart beats, the brain thinks. Knowledge of the process of thinking is critical to helping other people create change in their lives. During this workshop, we will explore the process of thinking and how the predictability of that process allows us to help others create change in their lives. 

What is change? How is that different from transformation? Are they the same thing? During this workshop we will explore and make a distinction that will help you better identify the outcome you are looking to create with the people you are working with.

What makes you (or me) qualified to do the work you’re doing? During the workshop, we’ll take a close look at what I consider in and out of bounds for those of us who work in personal and professional development. 

After the presentation portion, you’re invited to ask questions about the content or anything else that has come up for you during the workshop. 

Why $20.14?

In exchange for 2 hours of coaching, I’m asking for a $20.14 donation to my non-profit.

100% of your enrollment is donated to Texas Strings Camp, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by my husband and me back in 2014. Texas Strings Camp supports and creates opportunities for young musicians around the world and host over 100 students each summer on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin (their alma mater).

Part of leadership is giving back – this is how we give back. It’s part of our legacy. 

Part of my mission is to teach you how to support what you care about, and leave a legacy you can be proud of.


I get it. You’ve read all the books, been to all the seminars, joined all the programs.

So did I.

It turned out that years of being raised in a conservative, abusive, fundamentalist environment couldn’t be erased by a weekend seminar.

And here’s the deal – my Leadership Development programs aren’t the magic bullet either. I will never lie to you. You’ve been lied to enough by the people who were supposed to love you – and you deserve better.

But I will be direct with you. The magic bullet doesn’t exist. All that exist is the work. All that exists are the possibilities that you must create. But you don’t have to do it alone. And that – that is what my Leadership Development programs are all about. You are not alone. There is a framework to creating the outcomes you want for yourself and the people you work with.

No amount of motivational memes or cheerleading rah-rah is going to break the cycle of bigotry, ignorance, abuse or hate that’s been passed down through families for generations. What we need requires real work and commitment to do something different. Not just for us – but also for the people we love. That’s the opportunity for leadership that exist for you.

My story of doing that work is what I share with you in my book – and it’s what I’ll share with you in my Leadership Development programs. I am offering you my experiences; my mistakes, my victories, and my perspective. I offer them to you so that together we can create the future we want to see.


Growing up wasn’t easy for me. I was a gay kid in rural Arkansas being raised by a physically and emotionally abusive father. My whole life was based on survival. I developed a lot of ways of coping with life that were based on that survival.

When I left the home I grew up in, the survival techniques I picked up there followed me. The mindsets that had once protected me were now sabotaging me.

When I discovered the mindset methods I write about in Break & Untangle, everything in my life changed.

But I’m going to be honest with you…the depression didn’t completely go away. The anxiety still shows up sometimes. But what changed was the fact that I experience them differently.

I still get stuck sometimes, but I know how to navigate through the stuckness.

I still feel lonely sometimes – but I know how to recognize it and deal with it when it shows up now. And that little difference changed absolutely everything in my life.

Knowing myself better – and how to help myself – has allowed me to create a different kind of life experience. One that has allowed me to find love, find success, and create a legacy that I’m proud of. 


The first thing you’ll notice about my process is that I’m not selling you some magical destination where you’ll never struggle, and your life will be rainbows and kittens from now to eternity.

You won’t find any of that B.S. on any of the 394 pages of the book – you won’t find it in my programs or at my events.

What you will find is a guide for the journey. An actual method for making your life work better.

A way to look at life.

A way to navigate life (on the good days and bad).

A way to discover or rediscover parts of yourself that got lost somewhere along your path.

You’re going to discover a new lens through which you’ll see your life.

You’ll gain perspective and clarity. Ways of thinking that will help you – and give you the language to help other people.

When you do the work, you’ll begin to experience your life differently. Opportunities will show up. Life starts to make more sense. And relationships feel deeper and more meaningful.


In the book I write about the 3 selves that we all carry around with us; the younger, present, and future self.

The big secret is that oftentimes, we let the younger self drive our lives. We let that scared little kid that’s still in our head make the grown-up decisions of today.

Trouble is, that scared little kid is still trying to survive. That little kid is making bad decisions that are meant to protect you – but are in fact holding you back from feeling more alive, having deeper relationships, and from feeling a sense of real meaning and purpose in your life.

In my Leadership programs and events – together we’ll do the work necessary to get your life working better. We’ll create a vision of the future you want for yourself, the people you care about, and the world.

Let’s do the hard and necessary work of protecting that younger self. Let’s give that younger self a sense of safety and security so that who you are today can thrive and live your life fully.

Let’s get to work creating a world for that future self that you’re proud of – that you’re in love with – that brings you meaningful satisfaction.

That work has allowed me to be recognized by coaches masterminds, prominent associations, media, and Fortune 500 Companies. It has also given me the gift of being able to work with thousands of high-performing professionals from around the world, including top-producing real estate professionals, medical professionals, and world-renowned artists – helping them achieve greater clarity, perspective, and overall well-being. 

I’m honored to be a part of your journey and I look forward to seeing what kind of world you create.


The Leadership Development Curriculum is rooted in the research-based methods found in my book, Break & Untangle, as well as my proprietary framework, The Method for Transformational Awareness.

The Workshop is an accelerated overview of these ideas and the frameworks.

Ultimately, your personal and professional development must have an outcome. I believe that outcome is meant to serve you, the people around you, and the people who will come after you.

All of our development work has the opportunity to create a legacy you can be proud of.

BUT – it will require you to step into your leadership.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, therapist, a teacher, a parent, or a minister – having the tools to maximize your impact and influence will accelerate the outcomes you want to see for your team, family, company, or organization.

No matter what your title might be – the one thing we all have in common is that we are all leaders.

What the world needs from people like us right now is to step into our leadership. I have created the tools to help you help others and create the future you want to see. Are you ready?


While we already had great expectations for the event, Chad exceeded them. Chad was incredibly engaging. His content was thoughtful, interesting and relatable whether you are an ally or in the LGBTQ+ community. Chad immediately created a safe space for our network and it was evident our members felt that, as several people opened up on the call and shared their own sensitive truths. Chad’s discussion had the perfect balance between challenging the audience to dig deep and providing supportive guidance. There were so many gems Chad shared throughout the event, but if I have to name one that resonated most with our audience, it would be “the world needs you right now.” On behalf of our network, we are grateful we had the opportunity to connect with Chad.
Hey Chad! I appreciate the time you spent with me at the event. Really meant a lot and I received some clarity on how I think about my parents. You’re a wonderful human, I hope you know that.
Coaching Sales Executive
This is powerful. You're doing good work, Chad.
From the entire team, a huge thank you for the fantastic workshop. Our time with you has been extremely rewarding, and I’ve heard many, many comments about how techniques you mentioned or even just certain phrases you said have made a real difference in people’s lives. What a beautiful ripple effect of healing and strength! Thank you - it has made a huge positive impact on our lives – both individually and as a team.
This message really echos my life and spoke to me. Thank you for sharing this and putting into words what so many of us feel.
CEO - Real Estate Industry
Chad, you are an amazing human being and I’m highly inspired by you! I hear you & feel you. Thank you for the light you are providing Chad.
CEO - Real Estate Industry

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