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I think the reason Chad wins over a crowd so easily is not just because his content is golden, but because of his delivery. I have heard thousands of speakers deliver quality content, but the delivery can be arrogant or underwhelming. Chad’s delivery is the perfect combination of entertaining, authentic, relatable and helpful. He truly captures a crowd.

Kelsie R.

I give inspiration and instruction to people who want to live with consequence

Growing up wasn’t easy for me. Despite that, I’ve lived my life in defiance of the odds. The message I bring to your audience is about that journey – specifically how I went from a mindset of surviving to one of thriving. 

During my presentations, workshops, and podcast interviews I take the audience on a journey that ultimately challenges them to make a decision to live their life “suffering toward” rather than “suffering from.” I will deliver the stories and strategies that will help your audience transform their lives regardless of their circumstances or background. 

The themes of my work are: 

  • a mindset that supports you and doesn’t sabotage you
  • creating good mental wellness practices
  • living a life of consequence
  • giving oneself permission to live fully as the person they have worked so hard to become 

Your audience will discover new ways to think about their life and their future. They will leave with the motivation and the tactical tools they need in order to take action toward living their best lives. 

I appreciate you considering me as a speaker for your event. It would be my honor to discuss how my message can be customized for your audience.

Chad Peevy
author. speaker. coaching curriculum developer.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! The event was perfect. You are by far the best speaker we have had. We have so many people reaching out with positive comments. I appreciate you so much.
Bobbie Lawrence


NOT SMALL ANYMORE: Keynote • Podcast

This presentation complements Chad’s book, Break & Untangle: The Freedom to Be You Despite the Inherited Mindsets Holding You Back


In this emotionally charged presentation, Chad will walk the audience through what it’s like to live through a difficult childhood. In Chad’s case it was growing up gay in rural Arkansas. Chad makes his experience resonate by asking the audience to relate to the experience of feeling like an outsider.


Chad will describe how he overcame his obstacles and the subsequent method he developed to thrive. His message will highlight the path toward living a life of meaning and purpose, being comfortable in your own skin, and ultimately create a legacy that will leave the world a better place.


Your audience will learn how to identify which version of them is showing up in the world and making decisions for their life. 



  • 40-Minute Keynote (with option for Q&A)
  • Podcast Interview Topic


Ideal Audience:

People open to expanding their potential by challenging inherited mindsets.


  • Civic Organizations
  • LGBT Employee Resource Groups
  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
  • Personal Development Conferences

This workshop complements Chad’s book, Break & Untangle.


If you’re looking for flexibility in your workshop, this is for you. Meeting planners may invite Chad to present one or more of the categories containing the mindset methods outlined in his book – choose the ones that best fit the needs of your audience.


The goal of these sessions is to develop and unleash your team’s potential. Through exposure to mindset research and by way of exercises, attendees are able to identify the resistances that are limiting their personal and professional lives. 


These workshops are styled as lecture + exercises with Q&A session.


Self, strategy, and social include these mindsets (chapters from the book): 



  • Purpose
  • Internal Dialogue
  • Identity
  • Unitary Functioning



  • Becoming
  • Money
  • Mindfulness
  • Productivity



  • Belonging
  • Help
  • Ambition
  • Legacy



  • 60-Minute Workshop (Lecture-Style + Group Exercise)
  • 90-Minute Workshop (Lecture-Style + Group Exercise + Q&A)


Ideal Audience:

People open to expanding their potential by challenging inherited mindsets.


  • Civic Organizations
  • LGBT Employee Resource Groups
  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
  • Personal Development Conferences


This is Chad’s most flexible speaking engagement, meant to suit the needs of your event or organization.
Contact us to discuss your needs.

A LIFE OF IMPACT AND INFLUENCE: Keynote • Workshop • Podcast

A LIFE OF IMPACT AND INFLUENCE: The Source, Creation, and Expression of Leadership


In this presentation, Chad will guide the group through an ontological inquiry into leadership. As a guided group inquiry, the entire presentation is styled as an interactive experience – one where the nature and qualities of leadership are examined from the perspective of how we observe leadership, and how we become what others recognize as leadership. 


This presentation is based on Chad’s proprietary framework, the BCVE. Chad teaches that the components of the BCVE (Being, Commitment, Vision, Effort) are what makes leadership occur to others as leadership when they see us. 


Your audience will discover a new way to see themselves and how they view their role as a leader. 



  • 30-Minute Keynote
  • 60-Minute Workshop (Lecture-Style + Group Exercise)
  • 90-Minute Workshop (Lecture-Style + Group Exercise + Hot Seat Coaching) 
  • Podcast Interview Topic 


Ideal Audience:

Experienced and emerging leaders who are eager to step more boldly into their role as a leader. This presentation is well-suited for those who intellectualize.  


  • Corporate Retreats
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • Association Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Civic Organizations
GETTING UNSTUCK: Keynote • Podcast

GETTING UNSTUCK: What to do when what has always worked, no longer works.


In this presentation, Chad will answer the question “What do you do when what has always worked in your life, is no longer working?”


Chad will share his experience with feeling stuck, how he was able to navigate through the feeling, and what he learned along the way. Most notably, Chad will make the distinction for your group about change and transformation and the connection between stuckness and suffering.


Your audience will discover a new way to see how they are experiencing this phase of their life, and Chad will light a path for them to create a new way to see what they are experiencing.



  • 40-Minute Keynote (with option for Q&A)
  • Podcast Interview Topic 


Ideal Audience:

People going through a career or other significant life change who feel like nothing they are doing is getting them where they want to be. 


  • Personal Development Conferences
  • Professional Development Conferences
  • Support Groups
  • Civic Organizations
WORKING THE PLAN: Keynote • Podcast

WORKING THE PLAN: Creating Your Mental Wellness Routine


There’s never been a better time to have a discussion about good mental health practices. In this presentation, Chad will present practical tips that your audience can immediately implement in their lives to create a mental health routine. 


Chad will draw from his own life experiences and share with your audience his journey of battling depression, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. He will clearly define what it means to be depressed, or anxious, and how he has managed to make feelings occur less frequent, and become shorter in duration. 


Whether they are someone who lives with mental health challenges of their own, or they have someone in their life who does, your audience will glean insights into how to make sense of this part of our human experience. 



  • 40-Minute Keynote (with option for Q&A)
  • Podcast Interview Topic
  • Contact to Discuss Possibilities for Workshop


Ideal Audience:

This presentation is suitable for any group where the human condition is openly discussed. 


  • Personal Development Conferences
  • Professional Development Meetings
  • Support Groups
  • Civic Organizations
  • Association Meetings
  • Youth Groups
While we already had great expectations for the event, Chad exceeded them. Chad was incredibly engaging. His content was thoughtful, interesting and relatable whether you are an ally or in the LGBTQ+ community. Chad immediately created a safe space for our network and it was evident our members felt that, as several people opened up on the call and shared their own sensitive truths. Chad’s discussion had the perfect balance between challenging the audience to dig deep and providing supportive guidance. There were so many gems Chad shared throughout the event, but if I have to name one that resonated most with our audience, it would be “the world needs you right now.” On behalf of our network, we are grateful we had the opportunity to connect with Chad.
Lisa Astorino
UBS Pride Americas Co-Chair

Value Beyond the Stage

Chad is happy to explore ways to provide value to your organization beyond the stage. Let us know if there are ways that Chad can deliver the value that will best serve your group.  Here a list of potential value offerings that are available.

Mindset Assessment and Report

This online assessment compliments the Break & Untangle book. After answering a series of questions, the respondent is provided with a personalized report that can help them direct their efforts to overcome their inherited mindsets. 

Coaching Needs Assessment

This online assessment will inform the respondent which method of coaching can be most beneficial to them for this season of their life. 

Complimentary Personal Discovery Calls

For those interested in coaching with a coach from IHPD, our team is available for complimentary Personal Discovery Calls to review their Coaching Needs Assessment – this call allows us to provide them with insight about their current situation and allow us to place them with the most compatible coach. 

Copies of Chad’s Book, Break & Untangle

Hardcover, paperback, and audio versions of the book are available. 

Book Signing

Guided Meditations

Chad has recorded guided meditations for each of the 12 Mindset Methods found in Break & Untangle. 

Private Sessions for Leaders

For those organizations with leaders who would like time with Chad separate from the larger group. 

Affiliate Link

We are happy to be able to compensate for any referrals that lead to business for IHPD. You can find more information about this program on page 22, or contact us to discuss. 

From the entire WestRock P.R.I.D.E + Allies WRG, a huge thank you for the fantastic Break and Untangle workshop series. Our time with you has been extremely rewarding, and I’ve heard many, many comments about how techniques you mentioned or even just certain phrases you said have made a real difference in people’s lives. I know that folks are sharing these insights and learnings with other WestRock employees as well as within their families. What a beautiful ripple effect of healing and strength! Thank you for sharing sometimes difficult topics and ideas with us. Thank you for being open and vulnerable at times when sharing your personal experiences. It has made a huge positive impact on our lives – both individually and as a team.
Tim Whitlock
WestRock Corporation - P.R.I.D.E. + Allies WRG Chairperson



WestRock PRIDE Employee Resource Group


Austin PRIDE
Austin, Texas

Hutto Chamber of Commerce
Hutto, Texas

Next Level Discovery
Dallas, Texas

Seguin Rotary Club
Seguin, Texas

Keller Williams Roseville
Roseville, California

Dripping Springs Rotary Club
Dripping Springs, Texas

Keller Williams Northwest
Austin, Texas

Brainstorming B2B
Austin, Texas

Austin Bootstrap Network
Austin, Texas

North Austin Rotary Club
Austin, Texas

Keller Williams Family Reunion
Anaheim, California

JB Hunt

Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
Austin, Texas

Keller Williams Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wimberly Rotary Club
Wimberly, Texas

*ProductCamp Austin
University of Texas at Austin
(Awarded Best Overall Presentation)

Lake Travis Rotary Club
Lake Travis, Texas

Keller Williams Burlington County
Medford, New Jersey

Metropolitan Breakfast Club
University of Texas at Austin

Keller Williams Select
Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch, Florida

East Austin Rotary Club
Austin, Texas

Austin Northwest Rotary
Austin, Texas

RISE Entrepreneur un-Conference
Austin, Texas

The National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Brendon Burchard’s High-Performance Mastermind
Sundance, Utah

Cedar Park Rotary Club
Cedar Park, Texas

Keller Williams Limerick
Limerick, Pennsylvania

Keller Williams Southwest
Austin, Texas

Williamson County Entrepreneurs Network
Leander, Texas

Keller Williams – Round Rock
Round Rock, Texas

United Lending Mortgage
Austin, Texas

Keller Williams Cape Cod
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Jackie McGehee Young Artists Competition
Albuquerque, New Mexico




Thank you for sharing and putting into words what so many of us feel.

Chad is a mastermind!

It was real and heartfelt. Excellent presentation. Very well presented.

I loved everything he had to talk about.

My favorite part of this presentation was Chad’s energy and his knowledge.

Great info and tips! Chad is AWESOME!

Chad was fun and relevant.

VERY informative. Excellent content.

Great presenter, really needed this!

Loved it all, I felt it was all relevant.

I enjoyed every minute of the presentation.


Chad is consistently a high-rated speaker at his training seminars and events.
He delivers the greatest value per minute for your audience.


Every Monday I send the Mindset Monday Newsletter to 5,965 subscribers. My intention is to provide you with the mental models, communication frameworks, and mindset prompts that you carry into your week.


I hate spam as much as you and I’ll never sell your information.

Hi, I’m Chad!  




Thank you so much for this, you touched a spot I’ve been grappling with. 
This really echos my life and spoke to me. Thank you for sharing this and putting into words what so many of us feel.
This is powerful. You're doing good work, Chad.

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