My sessions are intense and only intended for those who are ready for that level of deep work. 

Coaching sessions with me should not be seen as a substitute for any mental health care.

If you need medication, see a psychiatrist. If you need a therapist,  find a good therapist. If you need spiritual guidance, find a priest, minister, or shaman. If you want to see yourself more clearly, work with me. If it’s appropriate, do all of the above.

For more insight into how I approach my work, see my company credo on this site’s homepage. 

All sessions are held face-to-face in Austin, Texas. 

Sessions are either one-on-one or one-on-two. 

Compensation is due prior to our meeting and is non-refundable. I do not offer payment plans. If you choose to end our sessions together, your remaining balance will be donated to a non-profit of Chad’s choosing. 

If you are interested in working together, please email me directly:

Serious and appropriate inquiries only. 

Private Break & Untangle Sessions
hours are on a rolling basis, sessions are 1-2 hours 

  • 50 hours : $120,000
  • 25 hours : $60,000
  • 10 hours : $25,000
  • 2 hours : $6,000