Introduction to Foundations (virtual / on-demand)

In this presentation, Chad Peevy will teach you the 3 keys to unlocking the mindsets that will lead to a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.

This introductory awareness masterclass will follow the three mindset categories outlined in the book:

SELF: you must be aware of the influence your history has on how you are showing up in the world in the here and now

STRATEGY: you must have a plan – know what will help you navigate your world and better care for yourself

SOCIAL: you must connect & relate to other people in a new and meaningful way

(live event)

Discovery 2022 will be held in Dallas, Texas.

Dates will be announced soon.

This live and in-person event will create the space for you to take your awareness work to the next level. 

The curriculum will integrate the untangling and creation process in ways that can be more effectively done face-to-face with others. 


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