I am nothing.
I am infinite possibilities.

I am the Universe.
I am the conscious creator of my life.

I am love, not judgement.
I am grace.

I am unconcerned with past or future.
I am here and now.

I am who leads.
I am growth and evolution.

I am not waiting to be saved.
I am my savior.

I am strength.
I am vulnerability.

I am unafraid of emotional contact or connection.
I am who sees others for who they are.

I am generosity.
I am not expecting reciprocation.

I am my word.
I am temporary.

I am all that I am and nothing I am not.
This is who I am.

I am called Chad David Peevy.


I commit to creating and sharing my art – with the intent that all who experience it be inspired to create their best, most meaningful life.

I commit to falling in love with Pasha every day.

I commit to good health. 

I commit to looking for evidence of miracles and inviting more of them into my life. 

I commit to having an impact on the lives of others. 

I commit to giving words to other people’s human experience.

I commit to living a meaningful life – to create something bigger than me.

I commit to living with ease and joy.

I commit to creating wealth. 

I commit to “good suffering.”


I create financial abundance for me and my family.

I create high-impact life experiences for my students & clients. 

I create a culture of high-standards.

I create deep relationships with others. 

I create a life and business that is attractive to others such that they want to be a part of it.

I create community.

I create demand for my professional output.

I create a movement in which others choose to enroll themselves.


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