My podcasting equipment

I get so excited when folks ask me about what podcast equipment I use – the thought of more good people sharing their stories and their message makes me super happy! I’m delighted to share my list of equipment. When you figure out how to be more consistent with podcasting – I hope you’ll share that secret with me! 😉

These are Amazon affiliate links, thanks for using them to order!

Microphones: Shure SM7B – I have multiple of these so that I can have multiple guests.
Mic Cords: Unbalanced cable – order 1 for each mic
Mic Stands: Hamilton Nu-Era Tabletop Mic Stand
Recorder: Zoom H6
Headphones (for me): I use the Boss noise cancelling headphones for me – I use these for personal use and for podcasts
Headphones (for guests): Behringer Wired – I use less expensive guests headphones.
Headphone Splitter: Belkin 5 Star Splitter – you’ll need this for all the headphones to plug into
SD Card: I use the SanDisk Extreme Pro
Editing: Adobe Audition
Travel Case: Pelican Foam Case
Batteries: I carry lots of AA batteries!
Podcast Hosting: Anchor.FM

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Good luck!