May God bless every family who has suffered the loss or illness of a loved one from COVID-19. May we all find within us the diligence to protect ourselves and the compassion to protect one another through this pandemic.

Bless every parent who has had to carry the extraordinary burden of turning their home into a classroom. May you be granted a gift of abundant love and patience.

Bless those who have lost their jobs and may this season of difficulty pass quickly for you. May those who prosper during these times be mindful, that as we get ahead, we are not doing so at the expense of those who are being left behind.

Bless every person of color. May hate, bigotry, and racism recede from these shores. May we all see and recognize our humanity in one another, and recommit ourselves as a nation proud of our diversity.

Bless our elders. May we never take your wisdom for granted, and always remember that it is on your shoulders that we build our future.

Bless every immigrant, we are all better for your decision to call this nation home and to make your life’s contribution an American one. May we never forget that it was once our ancestors, tired and poor, yearning to be free, who made this same journey to the promise of a better life. May we live in gratitude for their sacrifices, and their dreams for us, by ensuring that others have the opportunity to share in this American experiment.

Bless the public servant, from law enforcement to healthcare workers, and everyone in between whose dedication to country and to his fellow citizens guide his life’s work. Work that, when faithfully carried out, creates and maintains a fair and safe nation, one in which the rest of us can realize our potential and chase opportunity.

Bless every ally nation who has stood by us even when you had every reason to turn your back. Grant our adversaries the wisdom to know that their efforts to divide us will not prevail.

Bless everyone whose life experience has been overcome with fear and uncertainty while the stakes for living your truth were unclear. May we never forget that as countrymen we are bound by these shared ideals; that all people are created equal and we are all equal under the law, regardless of how we worship, how much money we have, or who we love.

Bless those families who have been divided by political disagreements. Grant us the patience and open minds to listen to one another. The grace to admit our mistakes. The humility to change our minds. And the love to forgive one another. Let us never forget that it’s the love we have for each other, in spite of our differences, that determine our strength as a person and as a people. Grant us each the resilience necessary to heal – and the wisdom to know that healing must happen first as a family and then as a nation.

Bless every person who fought, bled and died for this country. Bless the families who love and support them. May we, the beneficiaries of your noble sacrifice, be sufficient in our gratitude.

Bless our leaders. Give them the courage to serve all their constituents, to educate rather than placate, to communicate and not agitate. May they seek compromise over partisanship and may their words, deeds, and actions bring us together as one indivisible nation. May they help us more clearly see that which unifies us rather than that which divides us.

Bless and forgive those who forgot that decency, character, morality, and those values that define what it means to be an American, are more valuable than any amount of money or material gain. May we remember this day and always that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not up for debate, not a concession or a reward, is not reserved for a select few, but rather the promise made to all of us who pledge our allegiance.

Bless our country and all those who call it home. May we never forget that this country and the freedoms that it affords us isn’t just our greatest inheritance but also our greatest legacy, and may we as temporary stewards, leave it more just, more fair, and more free.







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