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In Break & Untangle, Chad walks you through 12 Mindset Methods that serve as tools to reframe your life and adjust your thinking so you can be on your way to a more productive, authentic, and compassionate life. One in which you “renew the world by renewing yourself.” It’s time to be courageous, break old cycles, and dive into the messiness of your current state by taking hold of the threads and cords from your past in order to examine, break, and untangle them. By doing so, you can release yourself from your self-imposed prison of resistance and sabotage. When we break cycles of trauma, abuse, racism, bigotry, anti-intellectualism, spiritual terrorism, and all other impediments to personal and collective freedom, we are then able to make more room for who we really are and “lead others with love and compassion.”

The 12 Mindset Methods are helpfully categorized into three sections: Self, Strategy, & Social. As a whole, the methods untangle Purpose, Internal Dialogue, Identity, Mind/Body/Spirit, Becoming, Money, Productivity, Mindfulness, Help, Belonging, Ambition, and Legacy. Chad weaves self-paced exercises within each method to actively engage and support this new framework of thought. He asks you to “decide what your contribution is in this moment,” then urges you to ask yourself: “How will I use my life to contribute value and connection?” 

One of the first steps in addressing the 12 Mindset Methods is to identify your false beliefs—about the world and yourself. Chad forewarns that “the parents who raised you will continue to show up as ghosts in your life.” Their imprint is significant, thus the unhealthy beliefs, habits, and relationship styles you learned are hard to break, but it can be done! 



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