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We didn’t choose this life we were thrown into. 

And yet – we’ll spend much of our life trying to make sense of this human experience based on what we were thrown into.

But very little of what we see and saw role-modeled matches our own lived experience. 

Because the truth is – we are different.  Our human experience – being gay – is different.

Different doesn’t mean bad.

In fact – when we recognize that our difference is what makes us extraordinary – we can thrive.

You came out and you are living your truth. But the fear, shame, internalized homophobia, the need to fit in – all that stuck with you.

Who would you be without the expectations that you and others have put on you? What kind of life would you create? 

Isn’t it time to be the person you have worked so hard to become?

It’s time for a 2nd Coming Out. 


Too many of us grew up feeling like we had to hide parts of ourselves in order to fit in. 

These kinds of trouble are fertile ground for anxiety, depression, loneliness, and shame.

Deep down, you know exactly what you need to do in every one of these circumstances. 

But you stop yourself short of taking action. 

The truth is, it’s time for you to change how you see your life and make a choice:

The CHOICE is this...

Do I want to wake up every day and SUFFER FROM?
(suffer from thoughts of what should have been, could have been, or ought to be?)

Or do I want to SUFFER TOWARD?
(suffer toward creating the life that I want for myself, the people I love, the causes I care about?)


Too many of us have lived in survival mode for so long that we don’t know how to create a life that is focused on thriving.

We keep SUFFERING FROM because we’re stuck in survival mode. 

We’re letting the younger version self drive our lives. That scared little kid – who is just trying to protect us – is making the grown-up decisions of today. 

Those decisions that are meant to protect us are the very ones holding us back from feeling more alive, having deeper relationships, and from feeling a sense of real meaning and purpose in our life.


It’s time to take a step toward discovering who you are without the fear, shame, and feelings of being alone. It’s an opportunity to find new ways of looking at creating a life experience that is truly and authentically yours. It’s a place to learn how you can hold onto yourself in uncertain situations. It’s a place to begin looking at what makes you different as a superpower.

it’s time to embrace who you already know you are – and to embrace the beauty of who you are!

Doing so, you’ll not just unlock the possibilities for your own life, but you’ll pave a new way for the people who will follow you.

You’ll create a legacy of leadership, community, generosity, meaning, and love.

Here’s your truth – you’ve made it this far – you’ve survived.

It’s time for you to thrive in a way that brings you a deep sense of meaningful satisfaction.

It’s time to do the work of breaking free from the mindsets that are holding you back, keeping you stuck, and making you feel small.

It’s time to start creating the life you are meant for.

Life isn’t easy – it’s full of struggle and suffering – but you get to choose to suffer toward creating the best human experience possible.

It’s time for a 2nd Coming Out.


The 2nd Coming Out curriculum has been designed to help you embrace your power, express your personal freedom, build deeper relationships, and gain confidence in who you are and what you can create in life.

In just 3 days, you will…

Using a research-based curriculum, our work together will uncover what’s holding you back, equip you with the tools to move you forward and reveal how you can overcome anything that might stand in your way. 

We will work together to discover the parts of you that need to be unleashed if you are to create the future you want.

Personal development can improve mental health and well-being. In a study of 500 adults, those who engaged in personal development reported higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

Source: Journal of Happiness Studies, “The Role of Personal Development in Happiness and Life Satisfaction,” 2018

Personal development can improve physical health. In a study of over 8,000 adults, those who engaged in personal development were more likely to engage in healthy behaviors like exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Source: American Journal of Health Promotion, “Personal Development as a Tool for Promoting Health and Well-Being,” 2017

Personal development can increase income. In a study of 1,000 employees, those who engaged in personal development earned an average of 17% more than those who did not.

Source: Journal of Happiness Studies, “The Role of Personal Development in Happiness and Life Satisfaction,” 2018

Personal development can improve relationships. In a survey of 1,000 adults, those who engaged in personal development reported better communication skills and stronger relationships with friends and family.

Psychology Today, “The Benefits of Personal Development,” 2019


June 5 at 4pm Pacific


Prepare for your time at The 2nd Coming Out on a virtual, pre-event group strategy call. We’ll discuss what you can expect and how you can make the most of your experience together.

  • Review the schedule of events
  • What to bring
  • Review event Agreements
  • Making the most of the experience
  • Q&A


9:00am – 12:00pm  |  Morning Session

  • Review the Agreements
  • What is the 2nd Coming Out?
  • Meaning of Life
  • Identity Stack Construction

12:00pm – 2:00pm  |  Lunch Break

2:00pm – 6:00pm  |  Afternoon Session

  • Resistances
  • Games We Play
  • The Echo of Failure
  • Younger Self Encounter

Thursday, June 8

all times local

Friday, June 9

all times local


9:00am – 12:00pm  |  Morning Session

  • Persistent People Patterns
  • Game Awareness Quadrants
  • Our Occurring

12:00pm – 2:00pm  |  Lunch Break

2:00pm – 6:00pm  |  Afternoon Session

  • The Declarations
  • The Nature of Transformation
  • Preparation for Final Ceremony


9:00am – 12:00pm  |  Morning Session

  • The 2nd Coming Out Ceremony


Saturday, June 10

all times local

30-Days Post Event


Around 30 days post-event there will be a virtual session to allow attendees to share how the experience has impacted their lives since returning to “reality.”


On the first day of The 2nd Coming Out, you’ll uncover the 4 most pivotal moments that created who you’ve become. You’ll discover how these important elements of your identity have colored how you see the world – and learn the methods for overcoming their influence.





At the end of the first day, you’ll discover what that inner child has been responding to for all these years. This is a profound experience.

You’ll realize that you are no longer in danger – and you’ll have a new understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of creating in your life.


Our curriculum for the 3 days will be rooted in the research-based methods found in my book, Break & Untangle, as well as my proprietary Mindset Methods Matrix.

During our time together you can expect to:

  • Exercise the untapped parts of your personality
  • Create a vision for the future you want to create
  • Identify the 4-5 persistent resistances holding you back
  • Discover the tools that will make you unstoppable

There are 3 categories of mindsets that form the foundation of our work together. Within each of these categories of Self, Strategy, and Social are inherited mindsets that are holding you back from the future you want to create. When you uncover these mindsets and replace them with more supportive, more reaffirming, and a more honest assessment of reality – potential gets unleashed.

At The 2nd Coming Out we will cross-reference these 3 categories of mindsets with the basic cognitive behaviorism framework that informs how we understand our emotions, behavior, desire, and beliefs.

By doing this work together, you’ll discover what areas in your life need change – and which ones are demanding transformation (a powerful distinction that we will make early on Day 1 of the event). 


you must be aware of the influence your history has on how you are showing up in the world in the here and now


you must have a plan –
know what will help you navigate your world and better care for yourself


you must connect & relate to other people in a new and meaningful way


I get it. You’ve read all the books, been to all the seminars, joined all the programs.

So did I.

It turned out that years of being raised in a conservative, abusive, fundamentalist environment couldn’t be erased by a weekend seminar.

And here’s the deal – my programs aren’t the magic bullet either. I will never lie to you. You’ve been lied to enough by the people who were supposed to love you – and you deserve better.

But I will be direct with you. The magic bullet doesn’t exist. All that exists is the work. All that exists are the possibilities that you must create. But you don’t have to do it alone. And that – that is why I’ve created The 2nd Coming Out Program. You are not alone. There is a framework for creating the outcomes you want for yourself and the life you want.

No amount of motivational memes or cheerleading rah-rah is going to break the cycle of bigotry, ignorance, abuse or hate that’s been passed down through families for generations. What we need requires real work and commitment to do something different. Not just for us – but also for the people we love. That’s the opportunity that exists for you.

My story of doing that work is what I share with you in my book – and it’s what I’ll share with you in The 2nd Coming Out Programs I am offering you my experiences; my mistakes, my victories, and my perspective. I offer them to you so that together we can create the future we want to see.


Growing up wasn’t easy for me. I was a gay kid in rural Arkansas being raised by a physically and emotionally abusive father. My whole life was based on survival. I developed a lot of ways of coping with life that were based on that survival.

When I left the home I grew up in, the survival techniques I picked up there followed me. The mindsets that had once protected me were now sabotaging me.

When I discovered the mindset methods I write about in Break & Untangle, everything in my life changed.

But I’m going to be honest with you…the depression didn’t completely go away. The anxiety still shows up sometimes. But what changed was the fact that I experience them differently.

I still get stuck sometimes, but I know how to navigate through the stuckness.

I still feel lonely sometimes – but I know how to recognize it and deal with it when it shows up now. And that little difference changed absolutely everything in my life.

Knowing myself better – and how to help myself – has allowed me to create a different kind of life experience. One that has allowed me to find love, find success, and create a legacy that I’m proud of. 


The first thing you’ll notice about my process is that I’m not selling you some magical destination where you’ll never struggle, and your life will be rainbows and kittens from now to eternity.

You won’t find any of that B.S. on any of the 394 pages of the book – you won’t find it in my programs or at my events.

What you will find is a guide for the journey. An actual method for making your life work better.

A way to look at life.

A way to navigate life (on the good days and bad).

A way to discover or rediscover parts of yourself that got lost somewhere along your path.

You’re going to discover a new lens through which you’ll see your life.

You’ll gain perspective and clarity. Ways of thinking that will help you – and give you the language to create more productive relationships around you.

When you do the work, you’ll begin to experience your life differently. Opportunities will show up. Life starts to make more sense. And relationships feel deeper and more meaningful.


In the book I write about the 3 selves that we all carry around with us; the younger, present, and future self.

The big secret is that oftentimes, we let the younger self drive our lives. We let that scared little kid that’s still in our head make the grown-up decisions of today.

Trouble is, that scared little kid is still trying to survive. That little kid is making bad decisions that are meant to protect you – but are in fact holding you back from feeling more alive, having deeper relationships, and from feeling a sense of real meaning and purpose in your life.

In The 2nd Coming Out Program – together we’ll do the work necessary to get your life working better. We’ll create a vision of the future you want for yourself, the people you care about, and the world.

Let’s do the hard and necessary work of protecting that younger self. Let’s give that younger self a sense of safety and security so that who you are today can thrive and live your life fully.

Let’s get to work creating a world for that future self that you’re proud of – that you’re in love with – that brings you meaningful satisfaction.

That work has allowed me to be recognized by coaches masterminds, prominent associations, media, and Fortune 500 Companies. It has also given me the gift of being able to work with thousands of high-performing professionals from around the world, including top-producing real estate professionals, medical professionals, and world-renowned artists – helping them achieve greater clarity, perspective, and overall well-being. 

I’m honored to be a part of your journey and I look forward to seeing what kind of world you create.



Imagine the life you would create

What would you do with that life? What would you go out and create? Can you imagine that life?

It’s time for the 2nd Coming Out!


Attending this event was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Chad’s presentation and coaching style offered a perfect blend of information and discussion, challenge and encouragement. Through his leadership and input from other participants, I was able to identify and begin addressing negative mindsets holding me back from achieving a sense of personal freedom. I walked away feeling more confident than ever that I can create a life I’ve only dreamed about.

Chip A
Award-Winning Podcast Host

I got more out of the first day of the 2nd Coming Out than I’ve gotten out of years of therapy.

College Professor

I think the reason Chad wins over a crowd so easily is not just because his content is golden, but because of his delivery. I have heard thousands of speakers deliver quality content, but the delivery can be arrogant or underwhelming. Chad’s delivery is the perfect combination of entertaining, authentic, relatable and helpful. He truly captures a crowd.

Kelsie R.
Real Estate Executive

Chad, what you’re talking about has really echoed in my life and spoken to me. Thank you for sharing and putting into words what so many of us feel.

Jacob P.
Advertising Executive

A huge thank you for the fantastic workshop. Thank you for sharing sometimes difficult topics and ideas. Thank you for being open and vulnerable at times when sharing your personal experiences. It has made a huge positive impact on my life.

Tim W.
Manufacturing Executive

I learned that it’s OK to ask for what you want. I will be more direct in my interactions with others.




$ 297
  • Tuition for the live 3-day event
  • In-person group coaching at the event
  • Digital copy of the program workbook
  • Access to the CAMPUS Community
  • Pre-Event Group Strategy Session
  • Post-Event Group Follow-Up Session

Is the 2nd Coming Out right for you?

Schedule a time to chat with a member of our team.


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