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Feeling stuck? Not sure how to break free?
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An awareness training masterclass with the author.

Fast-track your path to feeling more alive, more intimacy,
more connection, more meaning and purpose in your life.

Outcome Goal for this Program: By the end of this workshop, you’ll discover how to break down and isolate the areas of your life that need your attention now. Life is rarely all good or all bad, but the fast-pace of our lives can sometimes make it difficult to differentiate. This 3-day intensive workshop will help you slow down, reflect, and make those distinctions. You’ll begin to recognize the areas of your life that will offer you the most significant growth and vitality. You’ll re-engage your imagination so that you can begin the process of creating what’s possible for your life.


3-day Intensive Workshop

What readers are saying about the bestselling book, Break & Untangle

“...healing and growth are available to us all -
and we are worth it.”

You can be the difference

Most of us are living out our lives based on what was passed down to us. Inherited mindsets that hold us back from living the life we want for ourselves and the people we care about. You can be the one who stops that cycle. You can be the one who changes. You can be the one who risses above your upbringing.

My name is Chad  Peevy. It’s my life’s mission is to help others, and the generations that follow them, have a better life experience. I use all my energies to develop myself and expand my heart out to others; I remain mindful that self-actualization comes through self-transcendence. And so to that end, I strive each day to live up to the promise of my three responsibilities:

My first responsibility is to my students – those people who use the tools I create that help them change their lives for the better. I am a teacher first. I embrace the place from which my students find me on their journey; I honor their vulnerability, exercise my grace, and recognize that the path of personal development is neither straight nor flat. I am direct and speak truthfully. I do not allow fear to deny my students opportunities for growth. I say what needs to be said as many times as it needs to be heard. By helping my students recognize the value of their life, they realize their intrinsic perfection. Everything that I contribute to their journey is done with dignity and comes from a place of love.

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