Guided Money Story Exercise

https://vimeo.com/788045393 When asked for what you FEEL – be specific with the feeling you are experiencing in the moment. Stop to reflect on the core emotion coming up for you (happy, mad, sad, scared). When asked about what you BELIEVE – what ideas, rules, norms, traditions, sayings, observations, and recollections, come up for you? Even […]

You gotta walk and talk

“He’s so dumb, what is he doing?” “She’s so smart, why doesn’t she apply herself?” Both are evidence of a commonly skewed worldview… We can hobble along on the one leg of learning or the one leg of doing, but to move forward at pace and with grace, we have to walk into the future […]

[INTERVIEW] Keller Williams Austin

My good friend, Melanie Owen Kennemann, invited me back to Keller Williams Austin for a short sit-down interview with her team. You can check out that interview here.  Be sure to listen to Melanie’s incredible podcast called, The Second Half with Melanie Kennemann. You can find it here or wherever you listen to your favorite […]

Supremely Awful

On June 30, 2023 the Supreme Court ruled to allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT+ individuals. There’s no doubt that this has stirred up a myriad of emotions. I wanted to address these feelings and share some thoughts and ideas about how we can respond as both a community and as individuals. First and […]

Can We Choose Who We Love?

Why are we drawn to certain people? Why do we fall in love with them? Can we even control our feeling?


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