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Show Notes

Chad Peevy joins me today. He’s an Arkansas native who grew up in an abusive household in a small, rural town. In addition, Chad had to hide his sexuality and learn how to lean into his own truth as an adult.

Growing Up in Arkansas

Some kids grow up with book smarts, some kids grow up with street smarts. Chad had to stay off his dad’s radar at home and tried to manipulate his environment to create safety at school. “For me that meant staying small, quiet, and avoiding confrontation.” At school, he also had a girlfriend to avoid gay slurs and sat on the school council so teachers would like him and offer him a shield of protection. He was constantly shifting and changing to stay safe and wasn’t able to be himself because of his environment.

Changing Survival Skills in Adulthood

As a kid, those survival skills Chad created worked well, but as an adult, he needed to change his tactics with a different set of adult challenges. “I created a mask that I wore with beliefs and mindsets that developed out of necessity.” Although he was successful in business, he was miserable inside as he brought his childhood skills into adulthood. “I had to figure out what was going to make my life better as an adult.

Coming Out Gay

Chad realized at the age of five that he was different from other boys. Later on, as a teen, he realized he had stronger feelings towards boys than girls. Growing up in a fundamentalist baptist church, being gay was strongly looked down upon. “There was no healthy role model for me to grow into.” Today, Chad wants to give words and feelings to others in a similar situation as he was with his new book.

Listen in to find out how Chad came out in college, how he learned to be comfortable with himself, and how he is making an impact in the world today.

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© 2023 Institute for Human Progress and Development | Chad Peevy. All Rights Reserved.
Chad Peevy is a Certified Diversity Supplier.

© 2021 Institute for Human Progress and Development | Chad Peevy. All Rights Reserved.
Chad Peevy is a Certified Diversity Supplier.


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