Will AI replace human musicians? I asked it, this is what it said.

I’m still fascinated by ChatGPT. This week Pasha and I had a discussion about whether AI could eventually replace a human musician. Since he is a professional violinist, you can imagine what he said. I’m not so sure. So I asked ChatGPT if AI could replace human musicians. Here’s what it said:   CHAD: will […]

How to create better conversations

QUESTION FOR CONSIDERATION: Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where you didn’t like how you were being talked to? Maybe feeling like the person you’re in a conversation with is talking down to you? Or has anyone ever told you that they don’t like how you’re talking to them? If so, today I […]

Are you too smart for your own good?

QUESTION FOR CONSIDERATION: If intellect analyzes and prepares in order to mitigate risk, and faith trusts that all actions will be supported by that which is unknown to you, where are you on the scale of intellect and faith? Is there a middle ground by way of informed instinct? Symptoms of too much intellect: deferred […]

On suffering

QUESTION FOR CONSIDERATION: How much of your life is spent suffering ‘from’ (expectation of how things “should” have been), rather than suffering ‘toward’ (the pursuit of the life you want to create)? Symptoms of ‘suffering from’: Resentment Guilt Anger Envy Symptoms of ‘suffering toward’: Optimism Enthusiasm Tenacity Resilience Put this mindset into practice: Wake up and make […]

How can less help you more?

QUESTION FOR CONSIDERATION: What if you’re addicted to being unloveable? What if you don’t need: another reason you’re not good enough? another degree? another employee? another certification? another justification? another miracle cure? another lover du jour? another way to numb yourself? another something to worry about? another spouse? another house? another toy? another kid? another […]


THE SPIRITUAL MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE SPIRITUAL MINDSET? Spiritual mindsets are about our experience in this world as human beings. One of my favorite quote is: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Spirituality is a challenging mindset […]

The SOCIAL Mindset

THE SOCIAL MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE SOCIAL MINDSET? Social mindsets are those ways of thinking about how we fit into the world and relate to others. In these article, podcast, and interviews, you’ll find ways of thinking about fitting in, communication and relationships.  BEST BOOKS FOR EXPLORING SOCIAL MINDSETS THE SOCIAL MINDSET […]

The STRATEGY Mindset

THE STRATEGY MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE STRATEGY MINDSET? I consider strategy mindsets to be those ways of thinking about our day-to-day lives. Strategic mindsets are more on the tactical side, “do this, get that.” Some aspects of our lives are more predictable than the areas of self, social, or spirit. These are […]

The SELF Mindset

THE SELF MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE SELF MINDSET? I think about the SELF in two terms; Constructed Self (ego): the self that we’ve constructed by way of our past. These are our defense mechanisms, narcissistic image, and inherited mindsets.  True Self: the self that is who we are absent all the means […]


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