How to regain your confidence

When the pandemic hit Pasha and I lived in Austin. By the time things in Texas started opening up again, we had moved to Northern California (where things wouldn’t open up for quite a while longer). On top of that, Pasha’s mom got a breast cancer diagnosis during the pandemic. Her diagnosis, coupled with the state […]

How do you know when enough is enough?

How do you know when enough is enough? Enough money? Enough success? Enough love? There’s no single answer that will apply to each of us. But I’m convinced that the pathway to each of our answers exist in acknowledging what is in our lives rather than what isn’t. In other words… What do I have […]

How to be More Decisive

Some people have a terrible time making a decision. “What do you want to eat tonight?” “I don’t know, what do you want?” “I don’t care – can you just make a decision!!” Sound familiar? Some decisions, like where to eat, are small. But some decisions, like deciding your life’s purpose, can feel quite big. […]

How to solve any problem

Problems. We’ve all got them. And many of us lack a structured approach to solving them effectively. Today, I’d like to present a problem-solving framework for your consideration—a discovery I made while creating The Master’s Course for Break & Untangle. In my book, I explored three major Mindsets: Self Mindsets (related to “me/I”), Strategy Mindsets (related to “it”), and Social Mindsets (related to “us/we”). […]

Relationships and Power Dynamics

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about power – the power dynamics between people – and how power shapes all our relationships (platonic, romantic, professional, etc.). A clearly defined power structure makes a relationship easier – we know where the lines are drawn. But it also makes for a much less interesting relationship. The […]

You gotta walk and talk

“He’s so dumb, what is he doing?” “She’s so smart, why doesn’t she apply herself?” Both are evidence of a commonly skewed worldview… We can hobble along on the one leg of learning or the one leg of doing, but to move forward at pace and with grace, we have to walk into the future […]

Want to see my brainwaves?

WANT TO SEE MY BRAINWAVES? If you’re someone who meditates – or has ever tried – I bet you’ve asked yourself the question…. “Am I doing this right?” Even though I’ve been meditating for a lot of years, and I definitely feel that it does me good, I still wonder if I’m doing it right. […]

Hey, Gays, It’s Time to Grow Up

HEY, GAYS, IT’S TIME TO GROW UP I once attended Austin Pride escorted by an armed bodyguard after receiving two death threats in the weeks leading up to the celebration. Am I some sort of gay-hating bigot? No, I was president of the Austin Pride Foundation, and the threats were linked back to my own […]


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