THE SPIRITUAL MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE SPIRITUAL MINDSET? Spiritual mindsets are about our experience in this world as human beings. One of my favorite quote is: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Spirituality is a challenging mindset […]

The SOCIAL Mindset

THE SOCIAL MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE SOCIAL MINDSET? Social mindsets are those ways of thinking about how we fit into the world and relate to others. In these article, podcast, and interviews, you’ll find ways of thinking about fitting in, communication and relationships.  BEST BOOKS FOR EXPLORING SOCIAL MINDSETS THE SOCIAL MINDSET […]

The STRATEGY Mindset

THE STRATEGY MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE STRATEGY MINDSET? I consider strategy mindsets to be those ways of thinking about our day-to-day lives. Strategic mindsets are more on the tactical side, “do this, get that.” Some aspects of our lives are more predictable than the areas of self, social, or spirit. These are […]

The SELF Mindset

THE SELF MINDSET ON THIS PAGE: WHAT IS THE SELF MINDSET? I think about the SELF in two terms; Constructed Self (ego): the self that we’ve constructed by way of our past. These are our defense mechanisms, narcissistic image, and inherited mindsets.  True Self: the self that is who we are absent all the means […]

15 Books You Should Know About

15 Books you should know about WHAT’S ON MY READING LIST? I read all the time. I spend way too much money on Amazon.com and since I still like to hold my books, my shelves are overflowing. Oh, I have the Kindle too, but there’s really nothing like turning a real page! Here are 15 […]


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